Fullstack Software Engineer (Python, React)

Budapest, Hungary
Fullstack Software Engineer

WorldQuant develops and deploys systematic financial strategies across a broad range of asset classes and global markets. We seek to produce high-quality predictive signals (alphas) through our proprietary research platform to employ financial strategies focused on exploiting market inefficiencies. Our teams work collaboratively to drive the production of alphas and financial strategies – the foundation of a balanced, global investment platform.
Our teams are lean and agile, which means rapid prototyping of products with immediate user feedback. We seek people who think in code, aspire to tackle undiscovered computer science challenges and are motivated by being around like-minded people. In fact, of the 600 employees globally, approximately 500 of them code every day.
WorldQuant’s success is built on a culture that pairs academic sensibility with accountability for results. Employees are encouraged to think openly about problems, balancing intellectualism and practicality. Excellent ideas come from anyone, anywhere. Employees are encouraged to challenge conventional thinking and possess an attitude of continuous improvement. That’s a key ingredient in remaining a leader in any industry.
Our goal is to hire the best and the brightest. We value intellectual horsepower first and foremost, and people who demonstrate an outstanding talent. There is no roadmap to future success, so we need people who can help us build it. Our collective intelligence will drive us there.
The Role: Our team is focused on optimizing the investment execution and getting insights on the highest level of the company. It’s a group of people best in their field, mathematicians, computer scientists, portfolio manager who choose to pursue this unique career.
What You’ll Do:
  • Create and own applications through their lifecycle, from design through coding and observing the usage
  • Building UIs for the senior management to get the best overview of both historical and real time performance of the company
  • Providing API and tools for portfolio managers helping them evaluating and understanding their impact in WorldQuant and on the stock market
  • Create and maintain datasets required for answering ad-hoc and preset collection of questions in a swift way
  • Develop and extend software tools which automate, analyze, and monitor business processes

What You’ll Bring:
  • Product mindset – ability to work iteratively along the stakeholder needs, working in variety of roles related to the product
  • Attention to detail and seeking to provide the best frontend experience
  • Full stack experience in any widespread programming language (Java, Javascript, .NET, Rust, Go, C++) and willingness to work with Python, TypeScript (react) and SQL
  • Strong knowledge of modern web application architectures
  • Interest in huge datasets and data warehouses
  • Understanding of basic algorithms and data structures
The stack our team works with:
  • Massive cluster of Linux servers, thousands of cores, terabytes of memory and endless data
  • UI built with TypeScript, React, Material UI with advanced charting, visualizations and data rendering on every scale, both years of history or the latest real-time data
  • Flexible backend using modern Python, Apache Arrow, Pandas and SQL
  • OLAP databases with millions of queries every day
  • A colorful data science platform based on python and SQL to support all the statistics and ML research we need
What we offer:
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Core benefits include: premium private health insurance and life insurance with savings plan
  • Support for every aspect of life through Employee Assistance Program and fully covered sick leave
  • Strong culture of learning and development: training courses, library, guest speakers, share and learn events, global conferences
  • Regular offsite team buildings, annual conferences and occasional global summits – opportunity to travel and connect with our local and global teams
  • Employee resources groups with strong diversity and inclusion culture
Copyright © 2021 WorldQuant, LLC. All Rights Reserved. WorldQuant is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation or preference, age, marital status, citizenship, national origin, disability, military status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, or any other protected characteristic as established by applicable law.