Welcome to BRAIN

WorldQuant BRAIN® introduces its users to the intriguing world of quantitative finance in an interactive way through its simulation platform, and provides global talent the opportunity to become research consultants in select approved countries and participate in WorldQuant’s greater research efforts. Our platform includes data sets and tools, performance dashboards and value-add measures. Join us on our journey.

How it works

Ready to join our global community? Follow these three simple steps.

Learn, earn and connect

  • Learn

    Grow your knowledge of quant finance, using the datasets and tools on the BRAIN platform to build alphas, while learning from, and competing against, your peers.

  • Earn

    Research consultants have the opportunity to be compensated on the quality of their ideas, with the freedom and flexibility to work when and how they want.

  • Connect

    Access in-depth training, mentorship from experienced quants and exciting global challenges and events. Consultants are able to access potential opportunities for internships and full-time positions with WorldQuant.


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