WorldQuant Launches BRAIN Platform and Inaugural Global Alphathon Competition

WorldQuant BRAIN platform allows global talent to submit alphas1 and other algorithms for potential compensation and additional rewards.

Global Alphathon is a quantitative competition in which participants can compete for cash prizes, WorldQuant internships and more.

OLD GREENWICH, Conn. — WorldQuant, a global quantitative asset management firm, today launched its first Global Alphathon on its new BRAIN platform. The Global Alphathon is a quant competition in which individuals can build alphas to compete for cash prizes, full-time and internship opportunities at WorldQuant and other rewards. The competition will launch on August 15 and run through November 6.

Coinciding with the Global Alphathon launch, WorldQuant is opening its BRAIN platform to new consultants, building on the more than 650 existing consultants across 12 countries. WorldQuant BRAIN is a web-based simulation platform fueled by data and technology, which enables registered consultants to build and submit alphas for potential compensation. Through BRAIN, consultants also have access to resources to learn about quant finance, participate in competitions and connect with experienced quants and other consultants on the platform.

“As WorldQuant celebrates its 15th anniversary, we are excited to open our BRAIN platform to new consultants and launch our Global Alphathon,” said Igor Tulchinsky, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WorldQuant. “Both WorldQuant BRAIN and our Global Alphathon reflect the potential of the future – using technology to provide quant talent with the tools and resources to create valuable algorithms, refine their skills and seek new challenges as quants. I am excited to see the results of the Alphathon and the contributions that BRAIN consultants will make to WorldQuant over time.”

“The WorldQuant BRAIN Global Alphathon will bring together individuals in locations around the world for a team-based competition that will test their skills as quants,” said Nitish Maini, WorldQuant’s Chief Strategy Officer. “With the launch of BRAIN and our Global Alphathon, we are building a network of quants that seek to create novel ideas from data. We are excited to welcome participants to the BRAIN platform and look forward to the exciting progression of our Alphathon competition.”

The WorldQuant BRAIN Global Alphathon will take place in three stages and welcomes talent from eligible regions and of all experience levels who are mathematically inclined, driven by logic or adept at coding. Participants will compete for a cash prize pool of up to $100,000, which is comprised of prizes at stages throughout the competition and $20,000 for the Global Finals winning team. Registration is currently open to sign up at Please see the official guidelines for all rules and restrictions.


BRAIN features robust fields of data and tools, performance dashboards and value-add measures, along with incorporating machine learning modules and AI algorithms in an integrated environment – enabling qualified consultants to work when, where and how they want. The platform also includes:

  • 34,000+ data fields to leverage
  • In-depth training and mentorship from experienced quants
  • Platform and tools to learn and submit more advanced signals in addition to alphas
  • Real-time, actionable feedback on alpha submissions
  • A community that fosters collaboration, competition and opportunity where consultants can grow as people and professionals


About WorldQuant

WorldQuant is a global quantitative asset management firm with over $7 billion in assets under management. Founded in 2007 by Igor Tulchinsky with the belief that talent is global, but opportunity is not, WorldQuant has more than 750 employees spread among 23 offices in 13 countries. WorldQuant seeks to get to the future faster, guided by the principle that there are an infinite number of insights to discover. The firm develops and deploys investment strategies across a variety of asset classes in global markets. For more information on WorldQuant’s philosophy and culture, please visit


1 Alphas are mathematical models that seek to predict the future price movements of various financial instruments.