What We Do


WorldQuant develops and deploys systematic investment strategies across a variety of asset classes and global markets. We seek to continuously produce high-quality trading signals (alphas) through our proprietary research platform to employ trading strategies focused on market inefficiencies.

Investment Approach

The Future of Alpha.TM

It is our mission and our method to turn alpha discovery and securities trading into a disciplined and efficient process.

Every aspect of our operations is designed for efficiency optimization. Our Research, Portfolio Management and Technology teams focus their talent around core competencies and specializations while fostering close collaboration across the teams. This approach allows for the continuous production of alphas and financial strategies — the foundation of a sustainable, global trading platform.

Investment Process

At WorldQuant, researchers, portfolio managers and technologists work to rigorously identify sources of alpha.

Researchers employ tested processes to identify high-quality trading signals that we believe are undiscovered by the wider market. Our portfolio managers obtain these ideas through our proprietary database with the goal of transforming them into trading strategies. Our technologists automate trading by integrating these strategies into a highly efficient and effective trading platform.